About Us

Fengshui Cleaning is a project close to my inner being, and provides space clearing, feng shui and healing.

With certifications as a Feng Shui Consultant, Facilitator, Shamanic Practitioner and Healer, I am sure there are skills within my range to suit anyone finding this page.

The strength and passion for transformation embodied in this site is entwined with home-making, acument and highly honed senses. The bond is further heightened by my love for connecting with people.

I combine shamanic arts & clear-seeing with grounded presence, humour and pragmatism, and offer a holistic and whole-hearted service.

Over the Past 25 Years

I’ve consistently enhanced my learning through world-class teachings, leading to a highly developed services.

Over these many years of practice, I have supported clients throughout the UK & abroad, with professional consultations for every imaginable space.

I can deliver certified training courses, as well as personal healing sessions.

As a Space Clearing Consultancy

I combine shamanic techniques, sound healing, geomancy, oracular guidance and ancient rituals with my personal traits of seer and healer.

This creates a powerful space clearing ceremony to transform your home and your life, with far-reaching results.

As a Feng Shui Consultant

My approach is practical and analytical as well as intuitive and aesthetic. I communicate warmly with clients and offer a rich toolbox tailored to support every need. My recommendations are rooted in practicality as well as in classical feng shui principles. I have the vision to bring out the positive potential unique to every building, creating harmony and inspiration.

As a Holistic Healer

I hold a safe, grounded and nurturing space, weaving together shamanic practices, energy healing, colour light therapy and angelic reiki into a unique and potent recipe for healing.

As a Teacher & Facilitator

I am enthusiastic and authentic. I create a supportive space where students have room to practice, gain confidence and enjoy their new skills. My courses reflect my passion for waking up as individuals, stepping up as practitioners, and celebrating as tribe.

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