Feng Shui and Mirrors

Although mirrors are generally used for people to look at themselves, with Feng Shui, they help to bring in water and pull in the Chi method, in addition to widening space. Mirrors can change the way energy flows in a certain area and are good for bringing peace and a fresh new outlook on life. The following explains three types of mirrors:


These types of mirrors are considered to represent protection in Feng Shui. They are the eyes and ears but have to be framed in a certain way.


Most of the time, these types of mirrors are not used inside Feng Shui as the reflection from the mirror is a smaller version that is turned upside-down.


Depending on the shape and the frame, a typical mirror represents a certain Feng

Shui cure and is usually placed in the Southwest portion of your area.


The Ba-Gua mirror is separate from the previous three mirrors mentioned above. It is very powerful and is only made for the outdoors, not indoors. Although this type of mirror is not to be used for decoration, if you are not feeling the right kind of energy in your home or business, this type of mirror will come in handy for you. The Ba-Gua mirror is found in concave and convex formats and is made from wood in a choice of green, red or gold colors. If you need to protect yourself from harm or danger, the Ba-Gua mirror is ideal to use. Most of the time it is placed above the main entrance of your home, however you should consult with a person who is knowledgeable in Feng Shui in order that this type of mirror is placed in the right area. One place that it should not be placed in is in the living room area.