Using Feng Shui for Your Retail Business

If you have a retail store or are thinking of opening one, using the principles of Feng Shui can change the atmosphere of your business and attract and keep customers.

Make sure that you don’t bunch things together too closely – leave some space between items so as not to cause confusion to your customers. This is a type of ‘de-cluttering’ that we spoke about earlier. Placing your products in different categories will ensure that your customers do not become confused or frustrated with what to purchase and they will want to stay longer. If the Feng Shui energy from the entry door to the back door is not flowing properly, you may not get customers or sales. The minute your customer walks in the door, they need to be drawn in by what you have. Be clear on the products you offer and their benefits. As with any type of selling, customers always want to know what’s in it for them. Make sure your aisles are clear – again a form of ‘de-cluttering’. No-one wants to squeeze through objects or step over things to buy a product so make sure there are no obstacles in the way.

All in all, make sure your business is welcoming and a happy visit for your customers to ensure that they will come back time and time again. Without customers, you don’t have a business.